In real time, 2006 was not that long ago. In Portland music time, it might as well be the Stone Age. The scene turns over so fast here that this year's model is often next year's nostalgia. On Aug. 3, three of the most popular local artists from the tail end of the Bush administration staged a miniature reunion at Bunk Bar. Not that any of them really went away to begin with. Eric Mast, a.k.a. E*Rock, still puts out experimental electronic music through his Audio Dregs label. Marius Libman, whose keytar-hero alter ego, Copy, once topped our Best New Band list, plays bass in prog-punk globetrotters Sun Angle. And Charlie Salas-Humara remains one of the busiest musicians in town, maintaining myriad projects which also includes Sun Angle. For his first show as Panther in four years, Salas-Humara picked up right where his spazzoid electro oddity left off—particularly where his confrontational live show is concerned. Accompanied only by a laptop, he spent most of his headlining set off stage, flipping off the crowd, accosting audience members and humping the ATM machine. It was a reminder of a slightly more dangerous time in Portland music, and Salas-Humara says we shouldn't expect to see it again soon—from anyone, really. MATTHEW SINGER. 

All photos by Thomas Teal.