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Portland City Council: Domestic Violence, Sit-Lie, Chronic Offenders, Water Bureau Whatnots

City Hall

First things first about Portland City Council's weekly meeting today. There was a lot of hand-clapping that's usually verboten, which just goes to show you can clap about things Mayor Sam Adams wants to acknowledge, but not about things he doesn't.

Item No. 1 was a lengthy report on Sunday Parkways, which can be summed up in four words: bikes and happy kids. Here's what I didn't hear mentioned: Sunday Parkways in 2010 is expected to cost $450,000. And the funding hasn't been raised yet.

Item No. 2 was a moving update on Portland and Multnomah County's partnership to create a Domestic Violence One-Stop Center, which is (as its name indicates) a centralized place for victims of family violence to seek resources. There was much talk about the city and the county being on the side of the angels.

Third, the council voted 5-0 to approve an outline for a new sidewalk management plan, which spells out the various jobs each commissioner will undertake to control the flow of people and the placement of inanimate objects (like WW newspaper boxes) on downtown sidewalks.

The discussion about a $1.3 million grant for Central City Concern to provide "treatment readiness services, transitional housing and follow-up retention support services to chemically dependent, homeless and adult chronic arrestees" also touched on whether a list of the chronic arrestees' names should be made public.

Also, Commissioner Randy Leonard this morning pulled from the consent agenda the item WW wrote about last night. That was the ordinance to put in motion a project from the Water Bureau to dispose of surplus property by turning one of those properties into a showcase for eco-friendly homebuilding. Council ended up voting 5-0 to take a first step in that direction by voting '"yes" on the motion to accept donated materials for the project. Commissioner Nick Fish had one question for Leonard's Water Bureau director, David Shaff: "On which structure do you intend to affix a neon sign?"
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