Portland, you're savvy. But you're also thrifty. That's why we're bringing you Buy PDX, a weekly roundup of retail events and sales around Portland. Every Tuesday, we'll let you know the best places to drop your precious dollars.

For urban cyclists, picking out the fabric and make of a Timbuk2 messenger bag is like hitting up Costco when food samples are available at every corner of the store. This November, Timbuk2 is opening a retail store in downtown Portland, making it the second store in the Pacific Northwest after Seattle. It will carry more than 100 kinds of bags, including a new line for fall 2014 and the holidays. For those seeking an even more distinctive bag, the Portland store is offering a Custom Design Studio to make personalized bags from your choice of over 60 fabrics. In 2015, they also plan to launch an in-store bike share. 412 SW 12th Ave., Ste. 103 Opens in November. 

RACHELLE M. Rustic House of Fashion is a newly opened boutique in Northwest Portland. The boutique is owned and operated by Shelly Wilde, a former executive at Polo Ralph Lauren, who spoke to WW about the boutique's brands and the inspiration behind it.

Willamette Week: You're a former executive at Ralph Lauren and you've held other positions in the fashion industry. What prompted you to open your own boutique? 

Shelly Wilde: I've lived in Portland for 20-plus years, working many fashion lines starting with Ralph Lauren and traveling the country taking care of the brand at many levels. I've also worked with Chico's, BCBG and Columbia Sportswear in many ways from operations, allocations, merchandising and HR management for up to 150 stores. Like many others, I started to lose my love for corporate America and wanted to do my own thing. Corporate USA really limits your creativity and I had a big desire to be closer to the customer, as that's where the rubber meets the road in fashion. I wanted to also create a visually impactful store that made people stop and go, "wow." Our windows stop people and when they enter the shop they stop and just soak it all in. I love the creative side that I get to express and share.

What is the inspiration behind the look of RACHELLE M. Rustic House? Who is RACHELLE M.?

I wanted to create a world where groups of women could talk, shop and play. Fun, easy styles that make you feel good and meet all ages. RACHELLE M. Rustic House of Fashion is about a group of confident, passionate women on life's journey who are bound by style. We are about family and friends who are connected by passion, faith, hope and we instill confidence in lives and support our community. We are a group of mothers, daughters, grandmothers and friends who hold hands and unite to show their style through RACHELLE M. Rustic House of Fashion. Half of the store is from Denmark, more from Berlin and Canada, along with fun seasonal fashion pieces that flow in weekly.  

What brand names do you carry? How do you see your style meshing with Portland?

From the response, I would say Portland has embraced us! Facebook has all our brands listed as well: Rosemunde, Blue Willi's, Pieces of Blue, Isle Jacobsen, Twenty, Bedstu, Liebeskind, Lenny and Eva, Jamie and Stella, Sita, Three Dot, Kinross Cashmere, Wooden Ships and Mystree, Henry and Belle Denim, Miss Me denim and PJ Salvage. Plus gifts, candles, build your own jewelry, books, wine gifts, napkins, chocolate and soaps.

What are the must-have fashion accessories at your store? 

Belts, bags, lace, denim cashmere, leather and gifts!

132 NW 12th Ave. Mon.-Sat. 10 am-7 pm, Sun. 10 am-6 pm

While the rest of the world sits on the long-standing question of "what is art?", Portland continues to defy it. c3: initiative is giving more than 45 national artists a chance to experiment with their art form by creating a piece using recycled paper and postcards from Pulp & Deckle. Their creations, along with the contributions made by the Portland public, will be display at the exhibit for more than a month. The event, known as Pressing & Pulling, seeks to engage audiences in the importance of intimate communication whether by letter, postcard or art. Pulp and Deckle produces handmade paper made from recycled flowers, plants and the like, which can be bought at Pulp and Deckle or online at Etsy. 7326 N Chicago Ave. Sept. 5-Oct. 11. Open studio noon-6 pm. Gallery hours noon-6 pm Wednesdays-Saturdays.