Chris Kimball,
America's Test Kitchen on TV as well as the magazines Cook's Illustrated and Cook's Country
WW: So tell me about your new books.
New Best Recipes
Mastering the Art of French Cooking Volumes 1 and 2
Would you actually cook from that cookbook at home?
Cook's Country
What other kinds of things do you cook at home?
Cook's Country
What's your favorite restaurant?
Like molecular gastronomy?
Speaking of San Francisco, what are your thoughts on Alice Waters and her scene?
Do you have any favorite cookbooks that aren't part of Cook's?
In Nona's Kitchen
Ever want to subject recipes in cookbooks to your recipe-testing standards?
Speaking of pissing people off, could you tell me a little bit about the Gourmet editorial shenanigan?
But you do have an online presence right now. What do you see changing with America's Test Kitchen online in the next few years?
What about getting involved in the new trend of wiki recipes?
What about online recipe contests like Amanda Hesser's Food52 project?
Tell me about these french fries.
I think that one of the best things about the Internet is that it seems like there are more people cooking now because of it, and it's kind of funny to think about this observation in comparison with statements from people like Michael Pollan who say that no one is cooking anymore.
How much of that do you think is based on Food Network and other pop food culture things?
What does the young generation of foodies in Portland need to know about you?
I have a hard time not wanting to take credit for a dish that I've made when it's straight from a recipe instead of something I've made up.
So wait, you're in a cover band?
So to cook great recipes, what are three things every kitchen should have? Anthony Bourdain says you just need a knife.
I don't ever use a timer unless I'm cooking eggs.