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Local Jobs Analyst Releases the Latest Depressing News (And Why Anti-Immigration Nuts are Deluded)

Christian Kaylor is great at explaining what's wrong with Portland's economy. And he's also good at backing up those views with data.

Kaylor, a workforce analyst for the Oregon Employment Department, sends out a monthly email with graphs on unemployment in the Portland metro region. The news is never cheery.

Today's email from Kaylor shows Portland's unemployment rate in August at 10.2 percent. That's down from last year's high but still above the national average.

Next Kaylor shows which sectors are hemorrhaging the most jobs. Unsurprisingly, construction remains the hardest hit.

Kaylor also usually throws in one "wild card" graph containing some stats he's run across that he finds intriguing. This month's is fascinating. Anti-immigration types and assorted racists take note—Multnomah County is hardly being overrun by immigrants:

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