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Don't Any Candidates Still List Their Party Affiliations?

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There's a new TV ad out from U.S. Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.). And the Lane County Democrat's ad, like others so far this campaign season from Democratic and Republican candidates, lacks much indication of party affiliation.


Fully recognizing that political parties are probably right down there in polls with reporters, I'm intrigued in the 2010 election by how even a fierce Democrat such as DeFazio only includes his party affiliation during this 30-second ad in a brief backhanded mention about "being one of only 7 Democrats to vote against the stimulus bill (which DeFazio calls "Obama's stimulus bill") The ad also stresses DeFazio's independence with the candidate saying he "took on Bush and Pelosi." And the ad ends with the tag line "as independent as Oregon."

At 45, I'm old enough to remember tag lines on TV and radio ads that clearly stated "I'm a Democrat/Republican" as well as campaign flyers that regularly listed party affiliation. This year, by contrast, I've yet to see any of the flyers brought in by candidates who have come in to WW for endorsement interviews with an indication of party.

If anybody has seen an ad or read a piece of campaign literature with party affiliation, please let us know in the comments section.
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