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FBI Releases Crime Stats: Let the Grandstanding Begin


The FBI this morning released its national crime report for 2008. The good news: Oregon's drop in crime was even bigger than the national average.

Now we can expect to hear plenty of talk from different sides, all eager to take credit for that drop.

Here at WW, we've already had the FBI's stats breathlessly forwarded to us by two organizations who differ widely on fighting crime.

First came an email from Crime Victims United, which pushes for mandatory minimum sentences and a zero-tolerance approach. Then came a news release from Multnomah County's Department of Community Justice, which favors more progressive tactics like drug treatment and community supervision.

Here's how the FBI says Oregon's crime stats stack up with the rest of the country:

Picture 1

Even Portland fared well, judging from stats for individual Oregon cities:

Picture 2

Expect to hear these numbers trotted out in the coming year both as proof that Oregon's mandatory minimum sentences work, and as evidence that Portland's "best practices" approach to corrections is the key to fighting crime.
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