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TBA Diary: Conspiracy Theory…almost.

A word of warning if you're planning all your TBA Fest-age around the forthcoming final weekend—the Pacific Northwest College of Art seem to have a few issues with event coordination.

Being quite intrigued by Conspiracy Theory, Robert Boyd's study of “social paranoia and civil distrust in an era of questionable politics” (and who wouldn't be), I grabbed a companion and headed over to PNCA in the Pearl at (I thought) a prime-time gallery slot, 12:45 pm on a Sunday afternoon.

Having found our way in and wandered around the sprawling white exhibition space, searching fruitlessly for a sign or two, we stumbled through a black curtain and into Boyd's two-channel video installation.

Thus begins the awkward process of wondering how far along the show is, how can I read this handout in the dark, and is it very lazy of me to be excited by the prospect of a bench? And hang on… is it all supposed to be silent? The flashing, dramatic images are kinda interesting, but without subtitles I think I'm going to miss out on the subtle nuances of this critique and parody. After a good five minutes, I give in and sheepishly head over to the reception desk.

“Um, is the installation supposed to have sound, or is it a silent one?”

“Oh it's supposed to the REALLY loud. But there's a talk on so I've had to mute it for an hour.”

Great. To add insult to injury, on exploring the desolate complex, I stumbled across a ton of vacant classrooms, all aching to host Unpacking the Shipment chats, I'm sure. [Ed note: The TBA talk was actually at the Gerding on Sunday] So “Always Check The Scheduling Of Arts Talks” is my lesson for today, here are some pictures of what else was on show. Not nearly so exciting as international conspiracy members and the mysterious Commander X, I suspect.

(Psst: Matt Singer did make it to Conspiracy Theory with sound, read his brief take on it along with other gallery show reviews in WW's Visual Arts listings.)

Robert Boyd's Conspiracy Theory, PNCA Feldman Gallery, 1241 NW Johnson. Closes Oct. 24. 10 am-7 pm daily (barring any other events in the near vicinity).
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