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Let the Training Begin: The Ultimate Athlete Competition to Take Place in Oregon

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What would the Ultimate Athlete look like? We hypothesize something like this dude, above. Every athlete knows a person like that—a person who is loathed and worshiped all at the same time: Jackie Robinson, Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders. In my case, she was a girl named Emily, who tried out for the soccer team my freshman year and made it—despite never before having played a day of the sport in her life. Damn her.

Yves Garceau has taken advantage of Portland's natural wonders—The Gorge! The Coast!—to showcase that rare, magical athlete's abilities, in a competition to take place in June 2010 called The Search for the Ultimate Athlete (or, somewhat awkwardly, SFUA). The competition will take place over six days in and around Portland and with about 20 different events, which will include kayaking, surfing, climbing and mountain-biking.

The website currently has no registration info available, and frankly we're not sure if this project will even get off the ground: SFUA's founder Garceau doesn't seem to even have a Facebook page (although SFUA does have a Twitter feed). Nevertheless, the concept appeals to me hugely, more so because WW's featured some of Oregon's sports diversity in the past. For outdoor sports lovers, you really can do it all here.

As for me, I plan on brushing up on my multi-sport skills, just on the off-chance that the competition will feature a category for Athlete Who Can Make The Best Chocolate Cake in an Orange Peel In Foil. I stand a decent chance of cleaning that one up. Check for updates on SFUA's blog here.

Photo of "natural athlete" Erwan Le Corre courtesy
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