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"We Ain't Going to Be a Bunch of Spoiled Kids": ESPN Goes Inside the Ducks' Locker Room

Chip Kelly

On the front page of is a story that might interest University of Oregon fans wondering how new coach Chip Kelly is internally addressing the Bizarro LeGarrette Blount debacle in Idaho.

Answer: loudly.

Turns out the Worldwide Leader's reporter Ivan Maisel was in the locker room after the Boise State game, and listened in as Kelly gave the Ducks a proper bollocking. Highlights:
"That stuff after the game," Kelly said, "I will be able to take care of that tomorrow. That's not how we play! That's not what we do! That's not how we represent this university! Is everybody clear on that?"

"Yes, sir!" the players cried in unison.

"Is everybody clear on that?" Kelly repeated, a little more insistently.

"Yes, sir!" the players shouted.

"When we lose, we lose with pride, and we do it the right way!" Kelly screamed. "We ain't going to be a bunch of spoiled kids [who], when we get beat by somebody ... we're going to fight back after the whistle. You guys fight for 60 minutes before that s starts. Does everybody understand me?"

"Yes, sir!"

And he's not finished. Read the whole thing, and feel free to discuss how Kelly's holding up.
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