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TBA Diary: Planted!


I must admit, I was disappointed about the “tablecloth.” What was advertised in the TBA guide as a “giant, checkered picnic blanket” and what I had imagined as a rolling sea of gingham turned out to be large red and white tarps, spread apart in a vast rectangle. Maybe if I had seen it from an airplane it would have looked better. I mean, do you see a blanket here (see photo above)?

And was I just tardy, or was there a significant lack of local vendors on the scene? I saw no street carts, and only the lone sausage stand.
I did, however, get to roll out my own pita bread, watch it cook in a portable wood-burning oven and smother it in delicious (and, of course, local) greens, tomatoes, and cheese. The good people of Picklopolis handed out free samples, Slow Food was kind enough to share an enormous batch of brownies with visitors.
Oh, and there was the group of kids (and their parents) playing with one of those super-gigantic rainbow tarps out in the middle of the lawn. The billowing tarp was actually pretty beautiful isolated out in the middle of the lawn. Watching it move up and down put me in such a meditative state that I wasn't bothered by the presence of canvassers asking for petition signatures (“No thanks, I signed that two months ago…”). It didn't seem to bother anyone else, either. We were all too busy eating.
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