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Inglourious Basterds Podcast Contains Too Much Information About Inglourious Basterds


Don't listen to this podcast.

You know I don't really mean that. Of course I'd love you to listen to this podcast. My WW screen comrade Chris Stamm and I have joined Erin Donovan over at her excellent Steady Diet of Film blog for a 42-minute dissection and celebration of Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds. The three of us may well be Portland's most fervent advocates for a movie I've called "polarizing, courageous, dangerous." That "polarizing" part is especially true, and this 'cast will tell you why a handful of us adore the film so much.

But here's the catch: You need to see Inglourious Basterds first.

Because this podcast contains spoilers. It is overflowing with spoilers. It spoils the beginning, the middle and the end. My grandmother would say it has more spoilers than Carter has liver pills, if my grandmother knew what spoilers were.

Discussing those spoilers is necessary in order to dig into the treats Tarantino has to offer, and to address what he's done in the final act to rankle so many critics. (David Denby grew so indignant in his review that he declared Tarantino "has become an embarrassment: his virtuosity as a maker of images has been overwhelmed by his inanity as an idiot de la cinémathèque." Them's fightin' words.) But you have to go into this movie fresh if you want to be as gobsmacked as we were, or as appalled as he was.

So buy a ticket. Then come back and listen to this podcast. And be sure to tell us what you think. This is a movie worth arguing over.
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