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Do You Cheer for Both UO and OSU? Me Neither. But If You Do ...


As Oregon and Oregon State football fans pretend to get work done (not me, of course) while gearing up the new season, there's a new apparel company called Oregon Platypus that caters to a class of Oregonian I've never understood.

The business, which takes its name from the animal that has features of both a duck and beaver, sells shirts, hoodies and other items that blend the schools' colors of green-and-yellow and orange-and-black.

As I've opined before, I will never understand rooting for both schools. Like most sports fans, my twisted allegiance to Ducks football formed when I was a child. And growing up here in the 1970s was a test of any football fan's allegiance since both Oregon and Oregon State stunk then like Washington State and Washington do now (BTW, if there's stronger evidence of a higher power than the Huskies' freefall, I'd like to see it).

The only joy most Saturdays in the 70s was being able to say "at least the Beavers lost." There is no way I could ever undo my fan's DNA and take the "I root for both schools because they're from Oregon" stance when half the fun of an intense rivalry is — to state the obvious — rooting against your rival.

The following pains me to write, but I have long suspected that Oregon fans are much more likely to adopt this platypus stance than OSU fans. I also strongly suspect that those Beavers fans look down on those Ducks fans with complete disdain. On that we can agree.

Oh yeah, the platypus gear is available online and at Music Millenium.
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