Ecotrust hosts the city's inaugural Portland Fermentation Fest.
Taste and share homemade live, fermented food and drinks such as sour pickles, miso, kefir, cheese, hard cider, mead and more. Talk to fellow fermenters, exchange cultures and recipes, and get advice from local food fermentation enthusiasts. If you have a homemade fermented food or drink that you'd like to share please bring at least a gallon of it for samples and 100 copies of your recipe to hand out. If you have fermentation cultures you'd like to share please bring those as well. There will be no on site refrigeration.
Portland Fermentation Festival takes place at Ecotrust's Billy Frank Jr. Conference Center, 721 NW 9th Ave. 6-8 pm Thursday, August 27. Free. All ages; open to the public. More info at