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Captured By Porches' New Beer and the Unusual Story Behind It

Rebeccas Divine Wit Tap Handle
In 2007, WW wrote about a Lake Oswego woman who was imprisoned in a Mexican jail. She had been accused of participating in an elaborate Ponzi scheme based in Puerto Vallarta.

Two years later, Rebecca Roth, 50, remains behind bars in Guadalajara. But Roth and members of her family say she has been unjustly jailed -- that she was never connected to the Ponzi scheme that Mexican authorities pinned to her. A Canadian man, the architect of the scheme, is in federal prison in the United States. He, too, says Roth -- who moved to Mexico several years before the arrest -- had nothing to do with the fraud. Roth did work for him, but her work was confined to taking care of his household matters, they say.

Meantime, a Canadian woman who was also in prison with Roth, facing similar charges, was released under pressure from Canadian officials. As a result, Roth's family continues to try to fight for Roth's release. And now they're employing a particularly Portland product to help them in their campaign.

Captured by Porches Brewing Co., which is owned by Roth's niece Suzanne Goldsmith, has created a new beer in Roth's honor. Goldsmith writes:

The beer that I am dedicating to Aunt Bec is called "Rebecca's Divine Wit." It is a lovely, sparkling summer wheat ale made with coriander and Valencia orange peel. We want her to know that we are thinking of her and raising a pint in her honor. We want people to know that she is a very important person to us - and we plan to continue talking about her from here on out - and whatever press I can gather for her cause using our brewing company, I will do it.

According to Captured by Porches' website, the new beer will be released soon. However, samples are available now at Kruger's Farms and the Shangri La.
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