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Updated: Sam Adams Recallers vs. Longtime Local Journalist


Lee Perlman, a prolific reporter for the Hollywood Star News and other local publications, tangled with volunteers who were gathering signatures for the campaign to recall Mayor Sam Adams on Thursday, according to two volunteers.

Around 11 am, volunteer Gaye Harris says a man approached her in the parking lot of Albina Community Bank on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and acted as if he wanted to sign the petition.

Instead, he scribbled across the recall petition (see below). Was he trying to disqualify the signatures? Hard to say.

Volunteers took note of his license plate and a police officer subsequently visited Perlman's home nearby. But he wasn't there. Portland Police spokeswoman Mary Wheat says the officer hasn't been able to talk to Perlman yet and there's no charge against him. Perlman could not immediately be reached by WW for comment.

Reached at home Friday afternoon, Perlman offered a less than clear explanation. Here's a partial transcript:

WW: Do you dispute the volunteers' account of what happened Thursday?

Perlman: I have very sloppy handwriting.

WW: Oh, OK, so that scribble was intended to be a signature?

Perlman: I have very sloppy handwriting.

WW: That line doesn't look like a name.

Perlman: Well, names are different.

WW: I'm afraid I'm not understanding what you're telling me.

Perlman: I'm telling you what I'm telling you. I'm giving you an answer.

WW: Yes or no, were you signing the petition?

Perlman: I have very sloppy handwriting.

Recall Petition

Cellphone photo by volunteer J.M. Favata
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