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UPDATED #2 I melted with you. Summergeddon: Let's play "Will It Melt."


UPDATE: Scroll down for photos mid-Fat Boy melt.

UPDATE #2: Scroll down for photos Fat Boy's final meltdown.

It's 100-and-3-freakin' degrees out there!

In honor of what we've come to dub SUMMERGEDDON '09, we've decided that our most pressing journalistic assignment today is to play "WILL IT MELT."

The object of the game? Tell us how long you think it will take for this Fat Boy chocolate ice cream sandwich to melt out on the hot asphalt of the WW Headquarters parking lot. Hint: Please take the ice cream's protective cookie shield into account when calculating meltability.

The Fat Boy will be considered "melted" when its cookie halves meet, much like two "sad little potbellies touching in vulnerable, ridiculous friendship" (you should really read Aaron Mesh's Humpday review). The winner gets their very own Coraline 3-D DVD, which comes with four pairs of 3-D glasses.

Here's a before photo:


Aaaaand here's what you could win if you correctly guess how long this sucker takes to melt on this brain-frying day.


Just add your guess to the comments section. We'll notify the winner later this afternoon. This is serious stuff people. So get thinking. And we'll get melting.

UPDATE: 26 minutes and counting...but it's still got a long way to go.


UPDATE #2: SUCCESS! We are happy to report that at 38 minutes and 14 seconds, Fat Boy achieved melt. (Scroll down for contest results.)


Congratulations to commenter Gisueppe who rightly predicted: "Cookie part will never melt. The ice cream part 37minutes." Well done Gisueppe. You are a scholar and a gentleman. And a very specific one at that. Come on down to WW Headquarters at 2220 NW Quimby St. before 5 pm today or after 9 am tomorrow to collect your hard won prize!
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