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Video: Oregon House Candidate Julie Parrish and her Homeless Past

Julie Parrish

WW is hip deep in its editorial endorsement interviews of candidates running for local, state and national office.

We'll put up videos in their entirety of all those candidate interviews (as well as the interviews for supporters and opponents of the local and state measures on your Nov. 2 ballot) when our endorsement package comes out on Oct. 13. But we find some of the clips of candidates facing our questions so compelling that we're running pieces of the interviews before then.

For example, there's this video of Julie Parrish, a Republican who is running for state representative in House District 37 against Democrat Will Rasmussen. It's been some time since we encountered a candidate with as compelling a background as Parrish, a mother of three and wife of an Iraq vet.

Parrish got emotional when discussing her homeless past. It came in response to a question we asked her: what about her positions might surprise us, given that she is a Republican? Here's the clip:

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