The Oregon election is almost over. But until elections officials count the votes Tuesday night, there's bound to be a final flurry of partisan brawling.

Yesterday, Oregon Senate Republicans accused their Democratic counterparts of funneling campaign mail through the Democratic Party of Oregon to take advantage of the DPO's cheaper mailing rates.

"As a caucus, the Senate Democrats are not eligible to mail at nonprofit rates," Senate Republican spokesman Michael Gay said in a statement. "However, by funneling money from their campaigns to the Democratic Party of Oregon, the Senate Democrats are mailing at subsidized postage rates. Postal regulations forbid this type of arrangement between a non-profit and a political action committee. The Democratic Party of Oregon has been fined for this same arrangement in the past."

In an email, DPO spokeswoman Amy Wojcicki told WW she thinks the complaint is baseless.

"This is ridiculous, the Democratic Party of Oregon sends mail on behalf of our candidates in every election cycle, including the Senate Democratic candidates. This is nothing more than a sad attempt by the Republican Party to try to distract from their poor field of candidates," Wojcicki wrote.