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JUICY SUITS: The Little Train That Could ... Do A Lot Of Damage (At Least That's The Accusation)

Slowest Train in the World

A woman is suing Oaks Park, alleging she suffered several injuries in September 2007 when she was hit by the miniature train that circles the park .

Shelly Fairfield claims in her lawsuit filed in Multnomah County Circuit Court that she was standing "on the premises controlled and operated by defendant Oaks Park, when suddenly and without warning, John Doe, driving the train... ran into and struck [her]."

After the train hit her, Fairfield says she suffered this list of injuries:

  • "a crush injury to her left foot"

  • "contusion" on her left foot

  • "contusions on multiple sites in her lower limb"

  • "contusion on upper arm"

  • "lumbar sprain"

  • "hip sprain"

  • "knee sprain"

  • "ankle sprain"

  • "tendonitis"

  • "stenosing tenosynovitis in left foot" (unofficially known as trigger finger)

  • and finally, "tearing, twisting and strain of muscles, ligaments and soft tissues throughout her lumbar spine, left hip, knee and anke"

The lawsuit says Oaks Park did not adequately train its employees on operating the train or provide warnings to guests, and also alleges the amusement park failed to prevent pedestrians from being in the area where the train was operated.

The suit seeks $4,000 for Fairfield's medical expenses and up to $95,000 for suffering that includes discomfort, "loss of enjoyment of life," "loss of normal family relations" and "impairment to homemaking abilities."

Oaks Park spokeswoman Mary Beth Coffey declined to comment.

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(Photo from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hillsdalehouse/ / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)
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