File this under "your tax dollars at work."

Researchers at Oregon State University have concocted a snapshot of illicit drug use by sampling our municipal wastewater.

The results show how much cocaine, ecstasy and methamphetamine Oregonians pissed out in towns and cities from Astoria to Ontario.

"Municipalities across the state generously volunteered to help us test our methods by collecting samples more or less simultaneously, providing us with 24-hour composite influent samples from one day — March 4, 2008," one of the researchers is quoted as saying in a news release.

Read on to see the maps.


Here's what Oregon's cocaine use looked like that day (surprise — go Medford!):


Here's how much ecstasy we popped (damn Medford, who knew?).


And here's our meth habit. (Medford, you're slacking. Umatilla/Hermiston/Pendleton — WOW.)


Read the whole study here.