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Master of Trails William Sullivan's Hidden Hiking Secrets...Plus Beer

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Beacon RockIt's summer time, and the Portland summer madness has descended in full swing--that sick obsession with being outside all day, every day, next to a river, and hopefully with a bacon s'more in one paw and a cold brew in the other.

But we guarantee that no matter how sick your obsession, how many weekends--or, heck, we're unemployed! Weekdays!--you spent hitting the trail, you probably have yet to match the feats of William Sullivan. He's has hiked every public trail in Oregon and backpacked solo across the state, from Oregon's westernmost point at Cape Blanco all the way to its easternmost point in Hells Canyon.

And to top that off? According to his oregon.com page, he is rehiking all those trails again. To keep them up to date.

Sullivan will be presenting his hidden hiking secrets with Oregon Wild Wilderness Coordinator Erik Fernandez at Roots Organic Brewery this Wednesday, July 8. The presentation will begin at 6 pm, but Oregon Wild suggests getting there early to secure a seat.

For everyone who's planning a backpacking trip this weekend--and I know I sure am!--this should be the perfect way to avoid the crowds hogging the Pacific Crest Trail. I'll be the one in the back, swigging organic Kolsch and taking notes.

Master of Trails William Sullivan, Roots Organic Brewery, 1520 SE 7th Ave, 253-7668, 6 pm. Free.
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