the creation of a new nonprofit group in Portland dedicated to soccer.
The name is going to be "Pitch Invasion" and the concept is to utilize the human resources of the Timbers Army to go out and work with local soccer clubs, the City of Portland, local municipalities and school districts to fix up soccer pitches across the city that are currently used by kids and are not well maintained. We will concentrate our efforts in areas that are under funded, lower income and/or have a district incapable of maintaining the pitches.

We recognize that despite the best efforts of the institutions responsible for these fields there are simply not enough resources to prioritize field maintenance. Many of us are involved with local youth and adult soccer leagues and we see on a daily basis the dire state many of these fields are in. We see an opportunity to make a difference for the kids and the game in the Portland area. It also fits with our mission statement of supporting soccer in the Rose City from the grassroots to the highest professional level.
from a maximum of $100,000 to a maximum of $225,000.
Photo of Wednesday night's game against Seattle, courtesy Jeremy Wright