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Beau Breedlove Tells KGW That Mayor Sam Adams Lied About What Happened And That He's Mad About It (UPDATED with comment from Adams' spokesman)


Beau Breedlove tells KGW that Mayor Sam Adams lied about whether or not the two kissed in a City Hall bathroom before Breedlove turned 18, and that he's angry at the mayor for leaving him to look like the liar in the situation

In his first interview since Attorney General John Kroger released his report last week about the Adams-Breedlove affair, Breedlove insists his story about the incident never changed. Breedlove says Adams and his attorneys worked to get a statement from Breedlove that omitted the alleged kissing between Adams and Breedlove when Breedlove was 17 (The age of consent for sexual contact in Oregon is 18.)

In the interview, Breedlove describes his reaction now as "mad" and "angry" toward Adams after reading Adams' account in the AG's report.

"I assumed he would tell the truth in the investigation," Breedlove tells KGW. "And I assumed there would be some kind of safety net to prevent people from lying."

"Up until recent weeks, I really thought I had a friendship with Sam," Breedlove said. "I really thought I could trust him."

"I had no reason to lie," he said. "Sam had everything to gain by lying."

The mayor is on vacation this week. and a message this morning seeking comment from Adams spokesman Roy Kaufmann has not yet been returned.

UPDATE: Mayoral spokesman Roy Kaufmann emailed a statement to WW that refers to the conclusions from Kroger's report but does not respond directly to Breedlove's comments about that report and the mayor. Here is the email from Kaufmann:
Got your voicemail and saw your blog post. To answer your question, the Attorney General conducted an exhaustive five and a half month long investigation, interviewed nearly 60 people, reviewed thousands of phone calls and documents, and released a report clearing the mayor of any wrong-doing. The mayor appreciates the thoroughness of the investigation, and will continue to work tirelessly to make amends and deliver results for the city.

(Photo taken by Byron Beck)
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