Adams admits to lying about the salient facts
Adams has admitted that he lied about the nature of his relationship with Beau Breedlove, both publicly and privately. According to Adams, these lies began with his statements to [former boyfriend] John Veniza [sic] in July of 2005 and ended with his interview with Willamette Week on January 19, 2009. In September of 2007, when confronted with rumors that he and Breedlove had a sexual relationship while Breedlove was 17 years old, Adams denied the allegation. As part of his private and public denials, Adams crafted a story that featured him in a mentoring relationship with Breedlove. Adams admits and Breedlove concurs that, in the summer of 2007, Adams called Breedlove and asked him to lie if questioned about the sexual nature of their relationship. At the time, Breedlove agreed to conceal the truth. Adams has admitted that his description of his relationship with Breedlove in 2007 and 2008 was predicated on a lie and that he made a number of inconsistent statements about the details of his interactions with Breedlove to further his inaccurate portrayal of their relationship.
final version
final version
"There are serious questions about the credibility of Breedlove's account, due to his prior inconsistent statements, the lack of corroborating witnesses or evidence, his attempt to gain personally from matters related to his involvement with Adams and his prior criminal record."
earlier version of the conclusion
"Both Adams and Breedlove have little credibility as to their reports of the events that are the subject of this investigation. Adams lied repeatedly about his sexual relationship with Breedlove. Then, while admitting the relationship and explaining to the media that he was fully cooperating with the investigation, Adams' lawyers were hampering the investigation. Adams has every motive to lie about kissing Breedlove before Breedlove before Breedlove's 18th birthday..."
final version is silent not only about Adams previous lies and any assessment of his credibility but also offers a completely different version of his cooperation.
early version
"Adams publicly claimed to be cooperating with this investigation but his legal team in fact dragged their collective feet throughout. DOJ first requested access to Adams' computer and phone records on January 29 but it was not until April 6 that everything was finally turned over. Throughout the first three months of the investigations, Adams' legal team repeatedly delayed access to computer and phone equipment."
final version
"Adams submitted to a full interview with DOJ on May 28, 2009. Adams agreed to be interviewed without limit, advance terms or conditions. He appeared to fully answer each of the questions posed by this investigation. The interview lasted approximately 3 1/2 hours."
statute of limitations for sexual abuse in the third degree is four years from the victim's 18th birthday: that for Breedlove would be Thursday, June 25