After Attorney General John Kroger released his report yesterday on Mayor Sam Adams, we went out to ask a few Portlanders what they made of the report and Adams' actions with Beau Breedlove. Here's what the people we spoke with had to say:

Niko Kerhulas SA3

"In this incidence I don't think he should be tossed out of office. But he has compromised himself."

Willie BlackSA4


"If he was with someone, it's nobody's business but the boy's and his."

Jackie YoungSA5


"I don't think he should be prosecuted for something like that. He should be held accountable though."

David Fisher SA2


"This is the only thing you could get me on that I have no opinion on. People have not been prosecuted for a whole lot more."

Lila Bankston SA1


"I think they're dragging it through the mud. I bet if you drag four or five of them in there, you'd find the same thing."