The incomparable Boris & Natasha Dancers will grace the stage as well Friday night.

It can now be revealed that the intriguing “and more” advertised in Oregon Ballet Theater's Dance United program tomorrow night is none other than Linda Austin's Boris and Natasha Dancers. In moving from Linda's Performance Works Northwest at S.E. 67th and Foster to the bright lights of the Keller Auditorium downtown, the B & N Dancers have also added a new member, Peter Bragdinski, formerly of the Sverdlosk Reperatory and now the first ballet dancer to be sponsored by Columbia Sportswear. The troupe now has two Peters and two Bragdinskis (Peter's youngerolder brother Davidoff Bragdinski has been part of the troupe since May) but only one Peter Bragdinski.
Oregonian's Peter Ames Carlin.
"the greatest all-male non-dance dance troupe in the world,"
Dance United takes place at the Keller Auditorium, 222 SW Clay St., 274-6560. One performance only, 7:30 pm Friday, June 12. $50-$200. Order online at and or call 222-5538.
Image courtesy of Linda Austen.