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Trail Blazers' Developer of Rose Quarter Gets Called Out By Columnist in Kansas City


With the Portland Trail Blazers looking to the Cordish Co. for redevelopment of the Rose Quarter, The Oregonian's Ted Sickinger wrote a good piece last month from Kansas City about the Power & Light entertainment district built in Kansas City by Cordish.

Sickinger found some fans of the district, but he described the place at first glance as "corporate hip, a formulaic mixture of "entertainment concepts" that seems out of step with Portland's homegrown sensibilities" and reported that the district is "hemorrhaging taxpayer money." He also wrote that Cordish "stepped on toes by establishing a dress code that prohibits hoodies, white T-shirts and baggy pants."

Now Kansas City Star columnist Jason Whitlock, who is black, has written a piece this week that zeroes in on that last point about the dress code. With a hat tip to Deadspin, here's Whitlock's column reporting how he couldn't get into a bar in the district wearing what he describes as "custom-made, black linen, crepe-weave shorts with a matching Tommy Bahama-style button-up shirt, black dress sandals and a black Kangol hat."
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