George Kuchar
Jennifer Kroot
Sins of the Fleshapoids to Hold Me When I'm Naked)
Kroot's doc plays at 9 pm Friday May 29 in Portland's Queer Documentary Film Festival at the Clinton Street.
WW: How did George's influence as your film teacher affect the making of your film, given that he's the subject?
It Came From Kuchar
The program notes for QDoc mention that both George and Mike are gay. To what degree do you consider this a gay film?
It never seemed that “gayness” was a huge theme in George's work.

Throughout the movie George does a lot of filming of you filming him. Was that something you knew was going to happen going into the project?
You mentioned trying to get across how unique George is as a person. What were the reactions to George at the premiere at SXSW? I mean, he films his poop.
The preview of the film online is much centered on George Kuchar, as opposed to Mike. How did you approach balancing the two brothers in your film?
I caught a screening of George's latest video work at the Clinton last summer. What are you expecting this city's reaction to be given that George has shown here before and given his reputation?
screens at part of the Portland Queer Documentary Film Festival at Clinton Street Theater, 2522 SE Clinton St., 238-5588. 9 pm Friday, May 29. $6-$8.