an email to parents
May 28, 2009

Dear Parents,

Recently someone hacked into my work email. An exchange of private messages to a friend was distributed to some members of the OES community yesterday. These messages were not in any way related to the school, but I wanted you to hear about this from me, rather than from someone else. Clearly, as a professional, I regret using my work e-mail in this way.

It is important for me to tell you that Laurie and I separated in September and since that time I have openly acknowledged to my immediate family that I identify as a gay man. I have been struggling with how and when it would be appropriate to share this very personal information with you. Unfortunately, an individual has taken that decision out of my hands.

I have committed my life and my career to education. I hope my nearly two years of work at OES have demonstrated the depth of my commitment and concern for all members of our school community. That commitment has not changed.

Finally, I ask that you join me in steadfastly focusing on the students of OES as we bring the school year to a close. We have had an amazing year and the students deserve and will have my full attention as we end this year.

As always, my door is open to any concerns you might have about your child and OES.


"I am a private person, and it is appropriate that my personal life remain private,"
Photo from OES's website