olccTired of looking all over town for that special bottle of vintage Glenlivet?

Does it just drive you crazy that you have to pick up the phone and actually talk to a liquor store clerk to see if the store carries your brand? Not to worry. The trusty OLCC has released a new website to combat just that sort of pesky problem. Launched yesterday, www.oregonliquorsearch.com, lets you find every type of alcohol sold in Oregon and also the location where it can be bought.

Searchable by alcohol type, brand name or liquor store location, the website provides a list of products that includes the proof, size, price and carriers of the alcohol.

And if you think you might get lost looking for the store, the site also links you directly to Google maps. So don't fret about precious travel-time minutes when you're trying to get there as quickly as possible.

The site is protected by a really stern warning that says underagers are not allowed. Plus, it is locked up tight with an honor system, "enter your date of birth" type security feature.

According to OLCC spokeswoman Joy Evensen, the agency has been getting requests for this type of system for years.

"We already have all the inventory for all the liquore stores," she says, "so this can be a much more comprehensive search. Otherwise, you would have to search each individual store."