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Oh the Drama! Read Amy Ruiz's Text Messages

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Last week, you will recall, Mayor Sam Adams turned some dirt in City Hall's new vegetable garden before heading inside to prepare for his press conference on the city' 2009-2010 budget.

But the big news of the day wasn't the city's general fund — it was The Oregonian's story on Adams' phone calls to Beau Breedlove before Breedlove turned 18. And as Adams tried to enter City Hall that day, he was stopped by a swarm of reporters who had follow-up questions based on that morning's news.

Next to Adams, as the mayor momentarily addressed reporters' questions, was Amy Ruiz, the mayor's sustainability advisor who, until December, was the City Hall reporter for The Portland Mercury.

As she stood next to Adams last week, Ruiz was furiously texting from her cell phone -- and next thing you know two more staffers were bursting outside from behind the doors of City Hall to end the interviews and usher Adams inside.

Through a public information request, WW obtained a transcript of Ruiz's messages from the morning of May 1. They're not exactly earth-shattering. They're actually pretty mundane. And, based on the transcript I was given, Ruiz might be the world's most accurate texter, given the lack of spelling errors. There is at least one "golden" coin in there, though.

The first set of texts is an exchange with Ruiz's boss, Lisa Libby, before Adams returned to City Hall from a Portland State University event.

May 1, 9:57 a.m.
Ruiz to Libby: Checking to see if Sam might pop by the garden at 10:30, pre-press conference.
Libby: yes. Leaving here at 10:15.
Ruiz: Cool. Sod's gone, but real digging hasn't begun.
Libby: Don't forget the golden shovel.

10:26 a.m.
Ruiz: Ready with shovel and videocamera!

The next three messages are to Roy Kaufmann, the mayor's spokesman, one of the aides who eventually rescued Adams from the journalists.

10:40 a.m.
Ruiz: Media pouncing on him downstairs
Ruiz: About O piece
Ruiz: In portico

Within moments, Adams was being pulled away from reporters. He then refused to answer questions about Breedlove at his 11 am press conference on the budget, telling reporters "those were the ground rules."
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