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Look at Your Boobies! Wacoal Fights Breast Cancer With Bra Fittings

Picture 6Calling all ladies: When was the last time you looked at your boobs? I mean, really looked? Not for any prurient purposes, but, you know. To look for breast cancer. In an event that is stunning in its sensibleness, underwear manufacturer Wacoal is partnering with Macy's to host Fi(GH)t for the Cure.

For five days in May at participating Macy's locations, a Wacoal specialist will be available to fit you to a bra. For every woman who participates, Wacoal will donate $2 to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for the Cure, a breast cancer foundation. Wacoal will also donate $2 for every Wacoal or b'tempt'd bra purchased.

Doesn't this event make a stunning amount of sense? While women will change jeans or shirt sizes due to normal weight fluctuations, very few women think to change their bra size--and thus, nearly 8 out of 10 women wear the wrong-sized bras. Keeping tabs on your boob size goes hand-in-hand (ha! Sorry...) with keeping up on your monthly self-examinations. Participants in the Wacoal event will also be able to sign up for the Wacoal Promise, which is a monthly e-mail reminder for breast self-examinations, and they'll also receive a free pink water bottle.

Events can be found at these Macy's locations:

May 5, 11 am-5 pm: Macy's, Streets of Tansabourne, Hillsboro
May 6, 11 am-5 pm: Macy's, Lloyd Center, Portland
May 7, 11 am-5 pm: Macy's, Clackamas, Portland
May 8, 11 am-5 pm: Macy's, Washington Square, Tigard

As someone whose aunt survived breast cancer due to a timely self-examination, I strongly urge everyone to go get fitted--or, if not, set up a system of reminders for monthly self-examinations at home. Boobs are not for jokes, people! Get them checked, and get a pink water bottle too.
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