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Save the Whales By Shopping: Buffalo Exchange Dollar Day Whale Benefit

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1427773504_6effa88bddOkay, so some of you have quibbles with sustainable fashion--for what reason, I know not, because fashion can be just as sustainable as any hobby. It's just like hiking, only with fewer plants.

In any case, Buffalo Exchange is making the connection between environmentalism and fashion a lot clearer with their Earth Day event. On April 25, all items sold for a dollar at your local Buffalo Exchange will go towards the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and their Save Whales--Not Whaling campaign. Buffalo Exchange has raised nearly $249,000 for environmental causes since 1997.

Look at him go. Whales are just adorable. And it's hard to justify commercial whaling. The process is so cruel--you can't exactly put out a whale with a stun gun--the market for whale meat has gone done ever since we've discovered, you know, electricity, and there's evidence that whale meat is actually be harmful to humans.

Buffalo Exchange is also a good example of sustainable fashion. They reuse and recycle clothing, preventing us from filling landfills with cheap, disposable clothing (er-HRM, Forever 21). Moreover, they're a direct reseller, meaning that they purchase and sell clothes directly from the patrons themselves. It's like exchanging clothes in your friend's basement, except that someone's actually making money.

While dollar items are a deal anyway, knowing that your money will go towards saving whales may add a new luster to your bargain.

Dollar Day Whale Benefit, Buffalo Exchange, 1036 W. Burnside, 222-3418, 10 am-8 pm and 1420 SE 37th Avenue, 234-1302, 10 am-9 pm, Saturday, April 25. Free.
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