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Mayor Sam Adams Proposes Regulations for Horse-Drawn Carriages

Regulation Wagon
When was the last time you saw a horse-drawn carriage in Portland? Yeah, I know, me neither.

Nonetheless, Mayor Sam Adams yesterday unveiled his proposal for regulating horse-drawn carriages in Portland. The news comes 13 months after a 23-year-old horse died while pulling a newlywed couple downtown.

The proposed regulations stop short of the outright ban that PETA, the animal-rights group, wanted. (What follows comes from the mayor's office.)

The main provisions of the Code are:

1. Drivers, companies and vehicles must fulfill basic requirements for training, insurance, equipment, care of horses and safe operation.
2. Horse-drawn carriages may not operate when the temperature is above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, or when the combination (sum of) of temperature and humidity exceeds CONA standards, recommended at 150.
3. Annual veterinary certification of the fitness of the carriage horse is required.
4. Annual inspection of horse stabling facility is required.
5. Horse-drawn carriage companies may not operate during weekday rush hour, or along streets with MAX or streetcar tracks, except under limited circumstances.
6. Horse-drawn carriage companies and drivers must obtain permits to operate within the City of Portland.

The mayor's announcement does not say how much the new regulations will cost the city to enforce.
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