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Sam Adams' "Vindictive" Behavior Toward Budget Panel Part of a Pattern

Mayor Sam Adams, Police Chief Reese, Tom Miller
This morning's news in The Oregonian that Mayor Sam Adams and Police Chief Mike Reese have decided to reconstitute the volunteer-led budget advisory group for the Portland Police Bureau has one immediate side-effect: It expands the pool of Portlanders calling Adams "vindictive."

T. J. Browning, who as of this morning is still listed online as the budget group's chairwoman, says the budget group got the boot because she spoke out against Adams' budget blunders last spring. That's when Adams crafted a new budget for 2010-11 that then Chief Rosie Sizer said would have pushed sworn police officers out of the department. Then Sizer got canned. And in the wake of that news, Browning appeared on OPB's Think Out Loud and asked Adams how it was possible he didn't know his budget would result in fewer police officers.

"I think that was the moment my fate was sealed," Browning told WW this morning.

Here's the letter Adams and Reese mailed to volunteers which led Browning to call Adams "vindictive" in this morning's O.

Amid that budget debacle, Adams also stripped the police bureau from Commissioner Dan Saltzman a week before the May primary, in which Saltzman was running for re-election. In response to being publicly humiliated after earlier agreeing to direct the police, which is historically the mayor's responsibility, Saltzman accused Adams of having a vindictive streak.
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