What's goin' on with McCormick & Schmick? Former WW staffer and gossip maven about town Byron Beck reported on his blog Wednesday afternoon that the Portland-based seafood empire will close its big First Avenue and Oak Street location on Thursday. M&S also owns downtown staples Jake's Famous Crawfish and Jake's Grill. Beck writes:

UNHAPPIEST HOUR: I've just heard that Thursday, April 9, will be the last day for the McCormick & Schmick Seafood Restaurant located on First Avenue and Oak Street. If the rumour is true it will mean the closure of one of Portland's most established eateries. ...A happening happy hour hotspot for local business-suit types (Schnick created the $1.95 bar menu) it is often frequented by tourists in search of an "authentic" seafood meal. It will be dearly missed. No word on other closures within the company.
regarding the restaurant closing tomorrow, this is incorrect
We are hopeful that a mutually satisfactory agreement can be reached.”
they can't