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Adorbz! Crafty Wonderland's 3rd Birthday Extravaganza This Weekend!

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Inside the limitless universe that is your head, conjure up the most perfect item that you could buy, beg or steal for your girlfriend/sister/best friend's birthday. Now multiply that item by about 5,000 and you have Crafty Wonderland, the second-Sunday DIY craft fair held in the basement of the Doug Fir Lounge. How did we ever get through Christmas without it? Has it only been three years since its miraculous inception?

Come celebrate Crafty Wonderland's 3rd birthday this weekend, with 40 of its most talented artists and vendors (including Kate Bingaman-Burt and Jill Bliss, whose slim wallet is pictured above). Sublime Stitching, the Austin, TX-based indie sewing institution, will also be handing out freebies. That's all in addition to "special surprises," according to the press release. Never fear. I doubt that these surprises will involve wedgies.

The other remarkable thing taking place at the birthday extravaganza will be the presence of Faythe Levine, the director of the documentary Handmade Nation. Handmade Nation will hold its Northwest premier on Friday, April 3rd, at the Museum of Contemporary Craft, and Levine is sticking around until Sunday to talk about her film and sign copies of the accompanying book. (Check out tomorrow's edition of WW for a Q&A with the writer/documentarian). Presumably Levine will able to hang out with some of the crafty superstars that she has featured in the film, of which Bliss and Bingaman-Burt are two. Handmade Nation will also be taking over the free DIY table, with a project hosted by Susan Beal of West Coast Crafty and Jen Neitzel of DIY Lounge.

So what are you waiting for? That perfect scarf/sweater/T-shirt won't just spontaneously bust into existence, like the Big Bang. And the organizers have courteously moved from the second Sunday to the first, so you can scrounge up some, I don't know, egg-shaped doohickeys for Easter. Come to Crafty Wonderland this weekend and check it out!

Crafty Wonderland's 3rd Birthday Extravaganza, Doug Fir Lounge, 830 E. Burnside, 231-9663, 11 am-4 pm Sunday, April 5. Free.
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