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Beau Breedlove Adds a New Line to His Resumé

Beau Breedlove

Last night, Beau Breedlove's career took a new turn: Cockfest judge.

Cockfest, the annual event hosted by Voodoo Doughnuts, comes down to this: You have a handful of male contestants and a box full of oversized doughnuts with large holes. The "winner" is the contestant who can stack the most doughnuts on his oversized penis while balancing them. (Three doughnuts took top prize this year.)

This year, the organizers of what's certainly among one of Portland's more unusual competitions invited Breedlove, hot off the heels of his cover shoot for the magazine Unzipped to sit in as a special guest judge.

Breedlove and Darcelle were on the panel of judges that awarded the $400 cash prize to the man who would forever redefine the image of the doughnut hole for anyone in attendance. But even with the contest's eye-catching premise, Breedlove managed to steal much of the show from a room full of nude men stacking doughnuts on their dicks.

Many in the crowd of about 40 people stopped to shake hands with Breedlove during the contest, which began at midnight. When I asked Breedlove at the end of the event what attracted him to be a judge, he said simply that it was because Voodoo Doughnuts invited him. I obviously had other questions, but he told me to "hit me up on Facebook or Myspace" and then he left with his small entourage.

By the way, the reason there's no photo from this contest is because no cameras were allowed inside. Those who tried to sneak a shot with cell-phone cameras were thrown out.
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