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Court Appearance on Tuesday For Man Who Allegedly Grabbed Girl in OMSI


A troubling report at OMSI involving a 34-year-old man and a 10-year-old girl has led to a scheduled court appearance tomorrow for the man.

Jose Enrique Arroyo was arrested on Mar. 7 on two counts of sex abuse, and two counts of harassment after he allegedly grabbed the girl in an OMSI chemistry lab.

The girl's 43-year-old father tells WWire that his daughter was leaning over a table in the chemistry lab, when Arroyo walked by and allegedly brushed his hand on the girl's rear end. The father says he saw that and rushed to confront Arroyo. But the father says Arroyo first grabbed his daughter again "from under her bottom and reached up to her front and squeezed.”

The father says he began yelling at the much smaller Arroyo, and asked for someone to call the cops. He says Arroyo apologized to him and his daughter, saying it was an accident and that he simply stumbled as he was walking by.

The father says OMSI personnel then tried to quiet him down by taking him and his daughter in a nearby room and telling him he was making too big a deal of the issue. He says they threatened him with assault charges for confronting Arroyo. The girl's dad tells WWire he used the large size difference between himself and Arroyo to make sure Arroyo didn't leave before police could arrive, but that he never touched Arroyo.

The dad says an OMSI vice president left a message on his phone saying that OMSI would extend his pass for an extra year at no cost.

“We were just really saddened to learn of the incident," OMSI president Nancy Stueber said today. "We do have a protocol in place and the staff responded. We're satisfied that the protocol worked.

“We have security cameras in certain locations, the chemistry lab is not covered," Steuber said. "I wish we could try to control human behavior. But we can't. We'll certainly do everything we can to ensure it doesn't happen again, but we don't have a reason to change the [current] process…I don't think there's anything that I've learned with this incident that would suggest that something needs to change in OMSI's protocol.”

Arroyo is set to report to Multnomah County Court on Mar. 17, at 9:30 am.
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