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Michele Darr Says She Still Hates The Iraq War. She Just Isn't Fasting Over It.

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Remember the promise by Michele Darr that she would fast to the death on the Capitol steps in Salem to protest the Iraq War (a war now approaching its sixth anniversary.

Well, the attention-grabbing mother of six recently abandoned her post.

“I didn't give up the fast, I decided to suspend the fast for the time being," Darr said today when we contacted her. "It's still in the back of my mind.”

Darr, who released a press statement announcing the beginning of her fast, brought no attention to the fact she gave up the fast and vigil on Feb 26.

Says Darr: “I've had so much going on and so many different opportunities have come up. I feel I'm more effective if I eat and have time to talk to people.”

Peter Bergel, executive director of Oregon PeaceWorks, has been working with Darr since the beginning of her protest. Count him thoroughly confused by Darr.

“I'm not sure what's happening with the vigil," Bergel says." She gave up her fast on the 40th day, but I thought she was going to maintain the vigil.”

Bergel spoke with Darr a week ago and said, “I don't know what she's been doing since we last spoke.”

Meanwhile, Darr's first meal after 40 days and nights of fasting? A papaya.
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