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RNC Chairman Michael Steele was in Portland, Ory-Gun today.

IMG00018Republican National Chairman, Michael Steele was in Portland today and spoke to a "crowded" room during a press conference. His words to Oregonians, “Trust me.”

It's no secret that Steele is butting heads with the GOP's leaders and its pundits. Rush Limbaugh, is among the many including Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) who are concerned with Steele's approach and ability to corral a unified Republican Party. Specter said on Tuesday of Steele, “Well he's said so many contradictory things I wouldn't pay a whole lot of attention to him.” Steele said that the Senator from Pennsylvania is paying attention to him. Need proof? Steele said, “Trust me. He's paying attention.” Thanks for the proof Chairman. Steele continued by saying that he and Sen. Specter have had a good meeting and that he looks forward to working with him in the Senate. Steele added within the same answer, “I think, I'm not so much about what I say, but what I do. And generally, what I say I'm gonna do, I do.”
This is an honest answer from an honest man. After all, in a recent interview with GQ magazine, Steele said he is, always has been, and always will be, Pro-Life. He continued by saying, that abortion “is an individual choice.” Yet today, Steele modified his position by saying, “I believe Roe versus Wade was wrongly decided, it should be overturned.”
As to the dissent in the ranks of Elephants? According to Steele, there are multiple leaders in the parade. When asked about a recent CBS poll that said, sixty-eight percent of Republicans feel their party has no leader, the leader of Republican National committee said, “It doesn't really matter because the party has many leaders.”
If the Dems needed another reason to feel invincible at this point, Steele said today of the Democratic party, “Their team has a better game plan, their team has a better set of players, their team has the winning way.”
Talk about a concise and unified talking point…Who says Steele is contradictory?IMG00016

(Party without a leader)
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