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Hoodies R Us: Brooklyn Industries Opens Today on Northwest 23rd Avenue

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There are clothes you love to hate, and there are clothes you hate to love. Make fun of Uggs all you want, but no comfier shoe exists. Likewise, I have spent many a day rending my hair in American Apparel. "Damn you, you non-local, big-city company," I silently shriek. "Created by a sleazeball, beloved by anemic hipsters everywhere! Why are you so ubiquitous?!" And why are their clothes so comfortable, bright and appealing???

Now we have another to add to the roster of non-local purveyors of distressingly wonderful clothing. Brooklyn Industries is opening its first West Coast location today, with a reception at 8 pm at their new location on 735 NW 23rd Avenue. The Brooklyn-based (duh) company will be hosting DJs Freaky Outty and Rev. Shines and artwork by international artists, as well as wine, cheese and cupcakes by Saint Cupcake.

Marjorie Skinner at the Mercury raises some interesting questions about Brooklyn Industries' probable success. Unlike her, I think that Northwest 23rd Avenue is exactly the right spot for Brooklyn Industries to open. The tweenagers—who probably have more disposable income than any struggling artists and/or writers (ahem) right now—are more likely to go to Brooklyn Industries if it means they can hit up Free People right after.

And I think having Brooklyn Industries opening here is just cool. I don't think they pose a threat to local designers. You don't go to BI (or AA, for that matter) for signature pieces. You go there for (astoundingly flattering) moderately priced staples—shorts, hoodies, leggings. It's pretty awesome that BI's founders Vahap and Lexy Funk picked Portland before those other West Coast bastions of gritty urban aesthetes, the Mission in San Francisco, or Venice Beach in Los Angeles, or even Seattle. Our time (for invaders) has come! Embrace it, everyone!

Brooklyn Industries Launch Party, 735 NW 23rd Avenue, 241-4898. 8 pm Thursday, March 12. Free.
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