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Adams Admission Reaction: Mayor's State of City Address


"Give bikes a round of applause, somebody," Mayor Sam Adams said midway through his State of the City address at Portland City Club today.

That odd request typified a rambling speech that began with Adams introducing his mother and grandmother, and that ended with Adams getting a standing ovation from about two-thirds of the room.

Early on in his first State of the City speech, the mayor acknowledged his Jan. 19 admission that he'd had sex with then teen-aged Beau Breedlove in 2005.

"I've made life more difficult in these trying times," Adams told a standing-room-only crowd in the Governor Hotel's third-floor ballroom. "I made a mistake, as has been well-documented, and I'm very sorry for the distraction it's caused."

He asked to be judged "not on his worst moment" but on the totality of his career. Most in the crowd applauded briefly.

Amid a rambling explication of the seemingly infinite number of ways that sustainability figures into Portland's future, Adams name-dropped political leaders who have distanced themselves from the mayor. Among those pols: U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and most notably Multnomah County Chair Ted Wheeler, who skipped today's event but whose partnership on key issues Adams mentioned several times.

Questions from City Club members typically follow the speaker's presentation. But Adams spoke so long—adding substantial ad-libbed material to his prepared remarks—that club officials noted there would only be time for a couple of questions.

The mayor fielded seven questions, all dealing with sustainability, transportation, the arts and yes, bikes.

The questions came from Adams supporters, including Chris Smith, a member of Adams transportation cabinet; artist-musician Tim Duroche, an Adams backer; and developer John Russell who spoke on Adams behalf at a Jan. 23 City Hall rally. None of the questions addressed the Breedlove issue or Attorney General John Kroger's current investigation into the circumstances surrounding that relationship.

When the last softball question consumed the allotted time, the crowd, perhaps buoyed by Adams' vision of "inclusive prosperity" an upcoming "creative capacity" plan and green buildings that produce more energy than they consume rose to applaud.

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