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Adams' Admission Reaction: Pastors Weigh In With Applause and $100K For Programs, Including Mentoring


Global evangelist Luis Palau, with the help of 15 local churches, today presented Mayor Sam Adams with a $100,000 check to be used for mentoring programs that help homeless families, and programs to help school dropouts.

The event at Hinson Church in Southeast Portland kicked off this year's Season of Service in the Portland area — a cooperative effort between religious and political leaders. And obviously, this year's event with money for mentoring took on a different dynamic given Adams' lie about "mentoring" 18-year-old Beau Breedlove.

“I'd like to thank you just as Sam Adams the person," the mayor told the pastors and the gathering. "As you may know, I went through a bout of profound idiocy. It's shaken me to my foundation in the most profound way.”

While the audience clapped in support of Adams, he said, “I will be a better person and a better mayor,” ... I want to thank you as Sam.”

Mentioning the city's tough economic times, Adams said, “In these tough times, this means far more than you could possibly know.”

Pastor James Martin of Mt. Olivet Baptist church said the Season of Service is about “trying to have favor with the people. Our mission is to have favor with the people, and God will add people to this church, to win souls and make disciples.”

Commissioner Nick Fish started his remarks by thanking the local churches for the generous donation and went on to say “Today is a day of service.” Fish then looked over his right shoulder towards Adams and ended by saying, “And a day of reconciliation.” Adams nodded his head in response.

After the speakers were done and another round of prayers had ended, Adams quickly headed offstage and was the first one out the door.

As Adams got into his car, I asked him about the money today for mentoring — and his earlier claim to have mentored Breedlove.

“I'd be more than happy to take questions about city business,” Adams said before his driver said, “Mayor, we're in a hurry.”

And with that, Adams left the Southeast Portland church.
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