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Send a Secret, Not-Creepy-I-Swear Valentine Kiss at Hadtosay.com

So you're inspired by WW's "Kiss This!" cover story, and you want to declare your love/lust but aren't quite ready to declare your identity? Local interactive art director Will Markusen knows how harmful it is to keep those feelings bottled up, so he created hadtosay.com as an outlet for your secret crush (as well as your secret peeve or your secret road rage).

Just log in, create a Valentine message, print out the notification card, and finally hide the card in a place where the object of your anonymous-but-not-in-a-creepy-way-you-swear desire will find it. He, she or it can then type in the message key and PIN at hadtosay.com, read the message and respond. The site can email or text you whenever there's a response, and soon it will even give you the ability to email your sentiments anonymously.

Check out the feed of recently submitted messages below, then head on over to HadToSay and unburden yourself of the Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name (Not Quite Yet). Maybe your beloved or belusted one will respond, and then maybe—just maybe—you'll finally grow a pair and pick up the phone already.

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