Chris Dudley
John Kitzhaber
Today, in partnership with KGW/Channel 8 and The Oregonian, John Kitzhaber offered to adjust his schedule and debate Chris Dudley on September 21.

This marks the tenth debate Kitzhaber has offered – and the second time Kitzhaber has agreed to adjust his schedule – in an effort to ensure Oregon voters are provided the opportunity to compare the candidates side-by-side in a real debate.

Because this means adjusting Kitzhaber's schedule and to provide KGW and The Oregonian with an appropriate amount of time to plan, the campaign also is asking Dudley to respond within 24 hours.

If Dudley agrees, it will represent the only true debate of this year's gubernatorial election. The only other time the two will appear together is on September 25 before the League of Oregon Cities, for which the questions have already been provided to both campaigns.

Kitzhaber has already appeared at two debates and also remains committed to appear before Oregonians at seven other debates between now and Election Day.