the Willamette Week office gets flooded with sex books.
divided up a pile of the this year's most promising contenders, opened each one up and chose a quote at random.
, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel:
—taken from, uh, "Sex is the Most Stressful Thing in the Universe" by Dan Vebber
Best Gay Erotica 2009, edited by Richard Labonte
—From "Mass Ass" by Robert Patrick
by Robin Westen
Best Gay Romance 2009, edited by Richard Labonte
—from "What We Leave Behind" by Shanna Germain (A Portlander! Nice!)
BGR 09
—from "Finders Keepers" by Rob Rosen (not a Portlander)
Best Lesbian Erotica 09, edited by Tristan Taormino
—from "Bandanna Kiss" by Moxzi Lantana
The Purity Test by Joselin Linder

Best Women's Erotica 09, edited by Violet Blue
—from "The Bitch in his Head" by Janne Lewis