February 2nd, 2009 | by HANK STERN News | Posted In: CLEAN UP, Politics

Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown Raises One Concern About Possibility of No Mail Delivery on Tuesday


The possibility that the U.S. Postal Service could take a cost-cutting step of eliminating mail delivery on the comparatively light delivery day of Tuesday raises a key question for Oregon elections officials such as Secretary of State Kate Brown.

The question? What would happen to Oregon's vote-by-mail system and the ballots that come flooding into elections offices on Election Day Tuesday, if there's no delivery on Tuesday.

Brown wrote Postmaster General Jack Potter today to urge him to pick another day besides Tuesday if the Postal Service must cut back from six days to five days of mail delivery.

“Eliminating Election Day mail delivery could seriously undermine our elections system and discourage and dishearten our voters,” Brown wrote. “This would come after an election with near record turnout and just as we're increasing our efforts to get more young people involved in the process.”

Fortunately, for Brown and state elections officials, the idea seems destined for a short shelf life.
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