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Adams' Admission Reaction: Hear Mayor Sam Adams Deflect the Bathroom Question

Sam Adams -Meet Your Mayor

Last Sunday, The Oregonian reported that Beau Breedlove and Sam Adams kissed in a City Hall bathroom on June 2, 2005, which was 23 days before Breedlove's 18th birthday.

Breedlove told the daily the kissing was "mutual and said it lasted about a minute."

Breedlove told The O they did not have sex that night. Adams has also said the two did not have sex that night.

Here is audio and a transcript from WW's Jan. 15 interview in which Adams artfully dealt with the bathroom question.

[Click to play, and scroll down to read along]

NIGEL JAQUISS: At any time in 2005, were you and Beau Breedlove ever in the same City Hall bathroom?

SAM ADAMS: Oh, yes, I heard about this email [an anonymous email sent to numerous newsrooms suggested Breedlove and Adams were together in a City Hall bathroom] from--went out to people. Um, I--maybe, I don't know. If it was, it wasn't--it wouldn't be for very long.

JAQUISS: Okay. So: Did you have sex in the City Hall bathroom?



ADAMS: Jesus.

* * * * *

Click here for the latest updates and complete WW coverage of the Adams-Breedlove story.
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